How to Rank #1 on Pinterest

Cheneil Bailey

Are you trying to figure out how to rank number one on Pinterest? If so, this post is going to help you out today. You see, not to terribly long ago, I myself was in the same shoes with trying to rank number one on Pinterest. Pinterest was like an enigma to me because I didn’t really understand the platform and how it fully worked. I was also viewing it as a social media platform, and boy was I wrong! Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine. Think Google, Yahoo, and Bing but without the pretty images Pinterest has. The beauty of it is I have found it is easier to get ranked number one on Pinterest than it is on Google, even though I have managed to get my website and a few others I have built on the first page of Google. Once I understood Pinterest everything started changing for me and I finally had pins ranking number one on Pinterest. Today, I’m going to give you the steps I take for ranking number one on Pinterest. Before I begin telling you how I get my pins ranked number one on Pinterest it is important you understand that you need to be creating content around what people are searching for on Pinterest. In an ideal world you could write about whatever you wanted, and I guess you technically still could, but if you want traffic to your blog or website then you need to be putting out content people are looking for. In my opinion this is where new bloggers go wrong.  


Now its time to get to the good stuff;) I try to look for popular topics related to my niche the Pinterest search bar provides for me. For example, if I want to write about something to do with “marketing” I key in the word “marketing” in the search bar on Pinterest and it shows me in the drop down section keywords that are popular to “marketing”. I see that “marketing strategy” is popular. Take a look at the image below.  

how to rank #1 on pinterest, how to rank pin on pinterest, pinterest seo 2019, pinterest keywords This tells me I have found a popular topic that people want to read and know more about because these are popular searched keywords. Once you have found popular keywords being searched for in your niche its time to make magic happen.  

Using the “marketing” example, if you are a blogger the next step is to write an awesome blog post about a marketing strategy. If you are only selling a product and don’t blog then you will skip the blogging step. Make sure if you are writing a blog post you include the keywords in your title. Once you have your awesome blog post written or a product at this point its time to create your pins to upload to Pinterest. I use Canva and have found the platform easy to maneuver and you really can produce some awesome pin designs. I try to include the keywords in my pin designs. After my pin design is completed on Pinterest I save the image name with the same keywords. Just a tip: make sure to create more than one pin, lately I have been creating about five pins per blog post or products I sell ( I have another blog where I sell digital products). Use different titles and images on all your pins.  

The next step is before I even upload the pin to Pinterest I go back to Pinterest and key in my keywords in the search menu. In this case “marketing strategy” and press enter. What you will notice is right below the search bar is more keywords Pinterest is recommending. I type the keywords I want to use on a word document. Look at the image below. These are long tailed keywords and you WANT these keywords in your description. If you hover your mouse over the keywords it gives you three or more key words. Use the long tailed keywords! This is crucial.  

pinterest seo 2019 Next its time to upload the pin to Pinterest. I copy and paste all the keywords I just researched from my word document and put them in the description like this below. You will place the keywords on the pin description while originally posting the pin. This my friend will help your pin get found among ALL the other mountains of pins and help you rank number one:) It is my step by step plan and it has ranked my pins number one on Pinterest. You can also try finding keywords by using the search menu in the Pinterest ads section. I know some bloggers who do this as well and get good results.  

Ranking number one on Pinterest is not that complicated once you understand Pinterest is a search engine and you implement these steps I have shown to you today. It took me a little while to figure this out along with a paid book. I have been using Pinterest for both my blogs and highly recommend giving Pinterest a try if you are struggling for traffic. I have learned a lot through trial and error and LOTS of time and research. If you are new to Pinterest I also recommend using Tailwind to schedule your pins and pins of others. Tailwind will also help you successfully get more traffic from Pinterest to your website. You can read more on Tailwind here. If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will try to answer them. If you enjoyed and found this post helpful sign up below to receive more marketing tips from me. Soon, I will be writing about how I rank my content on the first page of Google. Make sure to check back, in the meantime happy pinning! Blissfully, Cheneil 

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